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Hong Kong Woman Dies after Blood-transfusion Beauty Treatment

By Austin Amuzie - Thursday, October 11, 2012

HONG KONG - Hong Kong authorities said one woman has died and three others have been hospitalized after a beauty treatment involving blood transfusions.
Hong Kong's Hospital Authority said a 46-year-old woman died Wednesday morning of septic shockafter receiving the treatment at a beauty clinic. The treatment is being tested as a method to fight cancer but in this case it was used for cosmetic purposes.
The case has raised concerns about potentially risky medical treatments at the city's numerous clinics offering procedures that claim to enhance a person's appearance.
Health Secretary Ko Wing-man promised Thursday to review regulations governing the clinics and other private medical facilities.
The four also tested positive for a rare, drug-resistant superbug called mycobacterium abscessus.
The three women in hospitals are a 64-year-old in critical condition, a 56-year-old in serious condition and a 59-year old in stable condition.
They were among 44 people who had the treatment at the DR Beauty chain of clinics.
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