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JK Rowling's Plans Building A Hogwarts Tree House

By Delords - Thursday, July 26, 2012

JK Rowling plans to build huge tree houses for her two youngest children at her Edinburgh, Scotland, mansion.
Monster Playground
First there were the books, then there were the movies, then there was the theme park and now there is... wait for it... the treehouse! JK Rowling has devised a supersized playground for her two youngest children, nine-year-old David and seven-year-old Mackenzie, that is estimated to cost more than $200,000 [via the Daily Mail]. 

Plans for the structure have been modeled after Hogwarts towers, as depicted in the Harry Potter books and movies (inset photo).

here are the computer simulations of plans for Rowling's tree houses.

There are plans for bridges, a slide, shingle roofs and balconies.

There is a plans for bridges, a slide, shingle roofs and balconies.
Plans for Rowling's tree houses set them at 40 feet high -- two stories. The structures are so huge that Rowling needs planning permission from the city of Edinburgh. A source told the Daily Mail that it would be highly unlikely that she wouldn't get permission.

Both tree houses are set to be built on stilts and with wood from sustainably-managed forests. Rowling is said to have bought her 31-room, multi-million dollar mansion in Edinburgh in 2009. She lives there with her husband Dr. Neil Murray, her 18-year-old daughter from her first marriage, and her two younger children.

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