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Cannonball Into Frozen Pool Goes Hilariously Wrong (Watch Video)

By Austin Amuzie - Thursday, October 18, 2012

This man in Germany thought he was all set for an icy swim. There was just one problem: the ice was way too thick!

The result is about what you would expect. A sore backside and a bruised ego, as his friends laugh uncontrollably in the background.

In the video titled "Catch the Ice Dude," a young German man in freezing weather plans to cannonball into a pool that he believes is covered by a thin sheet of ice. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned. The young man jumps and then lands hard on his back instead of crashing through the ice and into water. What he thought was a thin layer appears to be much thicker than he imagined, and it does not break. He slides across the ice in agony --both pain and embarrassment -- and lies there for a few moments. He and his friend who is recording the video, as well as some others who are there to witness the stunt, begin laughing uncontrollably -- especially once they realize the amateur stuntman is OK.

Watch the video:

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