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Rally Star Juho Hanninen's Car Crashes, Ends Up On Rooftop

By Austin Amuzie - Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rally star Juho Hanninen was going all out for victory on the opening day of the IRC Rallye Sanremo - but the Finn pushed a little too hard and ended up looking ridiculous, and going home early.

Hanninen, who has 11 victories and one championship title to his name in a stellar career in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge series, was running well on the fourth stage of the rally on Friday night.
At least, he was going well until the point when he crashed through a barrier, rolled down a cliff side and ended up on the roof of somebody's house.

"I was feeling good. We had made some changes to the car and things felt better," he said.
"I took the first part of the stage quite easy to save the tyres to start to push in the second half. I was pushing more to catch Basso but maybe it was too much."

"(Rally leader Giandomenico) Basso was too strong. I was not going to catch him just by driving normally, which is what it's like when you have good local drivers. "So I had to take risks and what happened, happened."

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