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Buhari advertorial: Fayose's opinion not PDP's or Pres Jonathan's - FFK says

By Delords - Tuesday, January 20, 2015

PDP presidential campaign organization spokesperson, Femi Fani Kayode says the sensational advertorial by Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose on APC's presidential candidate, Buhari yesterday January 19th was solely his opinion and not a representation of the PDP or President Jonathan. Fani Kayode stated this while speaking to newsmen in Abuja today January 20th...
"Governor Ayo Fayose is a distinguished leader of our party. A democratically-elected governor and someone we have immense respect and affection for, but he released this advert in his own name. That represents his own personal opinion, which he is entitled to. What I can tell you on our part, as the presidential campaign organisation, is that it does not represent the opinion of the campaign organisation or indeed that of the president.
It is his opinion, which he is entitled to, and he is somebody that we have immense respect for; he is a leading member of the party. I have spoken with him and we respect him, but for anybody to suggest that this is the position of the presidential campaign organisation or President Goodluck Jonathan, that will be most unfair. 
If we wanted to say something like that, we will say it without any kind of apology but of course we will never say that because we believe in the sanctity of life. Age is not a function of how long you will live. It is important that we recognize the fact that age is not an indication of how long somebody will live. 
We believe strongly that we must continue to show immense respect for the person of Gen. Buhari in terms of his person and his health, though we believe it is important to always raise questions about facts; you know what these questions are and we will continue to raise them.” he said

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