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Eleven-year-old Brazilian Boy with no Feet Invited to Train with Barcelona

By Austin Amuzie - Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Footless Brazilian wonder kid Gabriel Muniz has been invited to train at Barcelona's academy after the club coaches saw him during a summer camp in Rio.

Football, by its very nature, is a game played predominantly with the feet, but 11-year-old Gabriel Muniz is challenging this convention. The Brazilian youngster was born without feet but has been walking since the age of 1 and regularly indulges his passion for football. He was donated foot-ankle prostheses last year but chooses to discard them when playing.

After his story was featured on a popular Brazilian sports show, Muniz was invited to attend a Barcelona training camp in Saquarema, just outside Rio de Janeiro. The Barcelona coaching staff was so impressed by his willingness to push the boundaries of his physical limitations that it extended him an invite to train in Spain with the Catalan side. The Telegraph reports:

During his Spanish trip, Muniz will be given the chance to meet some of his idols, including Leo Messi.

While young Gabriel may never receive a full contract from a team like Barca, this is a truly inspirational story.

"He is challenging the social norms. When he arrived there [at the Barcelona academy], no one believed in him," Gabriel's gym teacher Jose Lopes is quoted as saying.

"But he proved to everyone there he can go head to head with any other boy. So much so that he was invited to go to Spain next month, in September, to showcase his talent.

"The disability only exists inside our heads and he is proving it to everyone; he is challenging the social norms." Muniz hopes when he is older that football will be a sport on the Paralympic program.

Here's A Video of the Wonder Footless Kid in Action

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