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Attacks in Iraq kill general and 4 others

By Austin Amuzie - Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BAGHDAD (AP) — Attackers killed five Iraqi security officials including a one-star general on Wednesday, officials said. Reports From the Police said Brig. Gen. Nadhum Tayeh was driving to work early in the day in Baghdad when a carload of gunmen opened fire on him.

Few Hours later, authorities said an off-duty army colonel was killed in a roadside bombing in northern Baghdad. Officials spoke on condition of anonymity in both cases because they were not authorized to release the information.

The deadliest attack of the day came in the city of Kirkuk, where three policemen were killed and six wounded. City police Cmdr. Sarhad Qadir said their convoy hit another roadside bomb.

Kirkuk is 290 kilometers (180 miles) north of Baghdad. Security forces are a top target for insurgents seeking to destabilize Iraq. News source. Yahoo news.

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