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Apple's Launches innovative new operating system (OS X Mountain Lion) For Mac Users

By Delords - Friday, July 27, 2012

OS X Mountain Lion Just Launched by Apple will make your Mac more like your iPhone than ever before. Yes, your computer can finally do everything your smartphone can do.

As mobile devices like smartphones and tablets gradually add more and more features, and desktop and laptop operating systems continue to their attempt to simplify things, the two will inevitably cross paths. Mountain Lion — the latest updated to Mac OS X, available now through the Mac App Store — brings us as close to that nexus point as we have ever been, but whether that's a blessing or a burden is largely up to you. These are the five new Mountain Lion features that are turning your Mac into a giant, even more expensive iPhone. 

mw 300 notification center
                      Notification center
Notification center
When the iPhone received the iOS 5 update, it killed popup notifications once and for all. Now, all the happenings on your phone — including text messages, emails, and social network updates — appear in a slick pull-down menu. With Mountain Lion, your Mac gets the same treatment.
You can customize your notification center to show updates for various applications including Facetime and Game Center, as well as calendar reminders and new email messages. You can even choose to post to social networks like Twitter or Facebook right from the notification window. The new feature is certainly convenient, but it also somewhat negates the need to browse the web in the same way you used to now that your Mac is so mobile-minded.
The Siri virtual assistant on the iPhone 4S is extremely helpful for finding information and composing short messages without having to physically interact with your smartphone, and while the full Siri experience isn't included in Mountain Lion, the voice dictation feature is making the leap to your Mac.
Using Dictation allows you to write notes, compose emails, and reply to chat conversations simply by speaking whatever it is you want to type. The benefits of using such an option on a mobile device are quite obvious — you can probably speak faster than you can press the tiny virtual keys anyway — but we can't help but wonder how many people will actually use it on their Macs, where your full keyboard is laying right in front of you.
Social network integration
In the same way that iOS 5 made everything on the iPhone instantly shareable via Facebook andTwitter, Mountain Lion allows you to push practically anything on your screen to your social network of choice. Find a web page your Twitter friends would enjoy, or a photo that you want to plaster on your Facebook profile? There's built-in buttons to do just that.

mw 630 facebook integration
Built-in Facebook integration
You can effectively update your social accounts without ever actually visiting your own profile page, which may cause a bit of a disconnect for users who frequently post, but rarely check replies. Built-in Twitter functionality is ready to go right now, while Facebook fanatics will have to wait a couple months before their favorite social network is added to Mountain Lion.
The introduction of iCloud was big news for iPhone users who wanted to sync things like reminders, and documents over multiple devices. With Mountain Lion, that same effortless syncing comes to Mac. With iCloud, your information remains constant over all your devices, meaning you can do things like update your iPhone's calendar, notes, and contacts right from your desktop or MacBook.
mw 630 imessage
In the texting age, mobile messaging is a feature used daily by millions of people, and with the introduction of iMessage for Mac, Mountain Lion lets you chat with your iPhone-equipped compadres without ever touching your mobile device.
Once you sign in to iMessage on your Mac, you can send chat messages to anyone equipped with an iPhone or iPad. And rather than pecking away at tiny touchscreen keys, you can rest your fingers on your Mac keyboard instead. Of course, while the ability to text from your laptop or desktop is convenient, the feature only lets you communicate with others who are using iMessage-compatible devices, which as of now are limited to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 5.
So what does the future hold, now that mobile and computer-based operating systems seem destined to collide? It's hard to say. If Apple's current trend of introducing new features on iOS before moving them to OS X continues, we need only to look to iOS 6 to know what the next version of Mac software will have to offer.
This article was written by Mike Wehner and originally appeared on Tecca

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