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Kids Keep Rare Two (2)-Headed Snake As Pet

By Austin Amuzie - Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It sounds like something out of science fiction, but for a family in Greenwood County, South Carolina, this two-headed snake is real, and really fascinating.
The most bizarre thing about this creature: The heads aren't side by side. The snake has one head on each end of its slender, slithery body, and both heads seem able to control it. Two heads. Two tongues. Four eyes. That'll keep you up at night.
Workers found the smallish snake with the freakish look near the home of Savanna Logan and her brother Preston, and handed it over to them. The two have been showing it to their classmates, according to Fox 8 News.
Two-headed snakes are not unheard of. According to National Geographic, the heads are formed similarly to the way Siamese twins develop. Typically, two-headed snakes have side-by-side heads, not like the snake cared for by these kids.
The high school biology department at Ware Shoals High School identified the creature as a rough earth snake. Luckily, even with two heads, this kind of snake, which grows to about 10 inches at most, is considered relatively harmless, feasting on slugs and snails.
The kids told Fox 8 they each had a name they wanted for the snake. Preston thought Billy Bob. Savanna wants to call it Oreo.
With two heads, two names may be in order.
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