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Rescued 655-Pound Sea Turtle Released

By Austin Amuzie - Sunday, September 23, 2012

A giant sea turtle that has been described as "like a swimming dinosaur" has been released back into the waters this weekend after it was rescued from a mud flat near the tip of Cape Cod, according to New England Aquarium officials.

The 7-foot-long, 655-pound black male leatherback turtle, an endangered species, was treated with "drugs to stabilize its blood values and oxygen levels," The Associated Press reported.
The turtle was found late Wednesday night on a mud flat in Pamet Harbor, near the town of Truro, Mass., by staff from a local Audubon sanctuary.

Due to darkness and the remote location, the staff had to leave the turtle until Thursday morning. Then they had to rely on a team of volunteers and a transport cart normally used to carry stranded dolphins to hoist the turtle onto a vehicle to take it to the Aquarium's marine animal care center.

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