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Thief escapes with thousands of pounds from Coventry University Hospital shop

By Austin Amuzie - Thursday, September 13, 2012

POLICE have issued a CCTV image after a thief escaped with thousands of pounds stolen from a shop safe at University Hospital.
The cash, believed to be more than £10,000, was taken from a closed newsagents at the hospital, in Walsgrave.
Officers believe the thief had a good knowledge of the hospital because he managed to avoid most of the CCTV cameras inside the building.
But an image of a suspect was caught by one device, and Coventry Police have released it in the hope of tracking down the thief.

They believe the thief managed to gain access to the newsagents before opening a locked safe without causing any damage and grabbing the money.
Pc Nigel Gregory, from the Willenhall investigation team, said: “It appears from our inquiries that the thief may have had very good knowledge of the hospital as it is apparent that he tried to evade the CCTV cameras
“We are sure someone must know this man and are appealing to anyone who can identify him to come forward.

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