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Thieves Take $10,000 in Wedding presents when Couple Leaves Gifts outside Overnight

By Austin Amuzie - Friday, September 28, 2012

A newlywed couple's marriage is off to a rough start after thieves took more than $10,000 worth of gifts that the couple left unprotected outdoors overnight.
"Somebody had come and taken all of the wedding gifts," Amy Wright, the bride, told local Pennsylvania affiliate WFMZ. "Every last card was gone, the boxes, the gift bags."
To be clear, the wedding gifts weren't just sitting out on the sidewalk. But they were left unattended inside the outdoor tent where the wedding reception was held. Amy, 30, and her husband Jason Wright, 31, spent the morning after their Saturday night celebration filling out a police report.
"We noticed there were no gifts on the table [in one tent], and we said, well, somebody must have moved them into the house," Amy told the Morning Call. "We checked with our friends, and no one seemed to know what happened to the gifts.
"We had to call every family member and friend and ask them what did you give, it was embarrassing," Amy told the station.

The gifts were stolen just a stone's throw from where Amy and Jason were sleeping, 20 yards away in a nearby house.
And adding insult to injury, the couple found torn-up wedding cards floating in a pond on the property.
"When I discovered that in the pond I was just in tears, I broke down," Amy told the station.
We've reported on some crazy wedding stories this year alone, such as the bride who was doused in a "black oily ooze" just moments before the ceremony, and the $5,000 ceremony thrown for a pair of California dogs.
But the Wrights shouldn't necessarily given up hope just yet. They are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to whoever stole their wedding presents. And stranger things have happened with positive outcomes, including the feat of the New York City garbage man, who in August, sifted through tons of trash to find a woman's missing wedding ring.

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