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Man Chased Up a Tree by Angry Red Deer is Caught on Video

By Austin Amuzie - Monday, October 8, 2012

A man playing cat and mouse with an angry, testosterone-fueled stag around the base of a tree in a London park finally escaped the attacking animal by climbing the tree, which had served as his only protection from the business end of those deadly antlers. Fortunately this ended well, so seeing video of the red deer chasing the man up a tree has a certain amusement factor. ITN News has the video in its report:

Bushy Park in west London, where this incident occurred, is home to some 125 red deer, and it just happens to be mating season. Unfortunately for the unidentified man in the video, he got a bit too close as he came upon two stags about to fight, as they do during the rut.

One turned on the man, chasing him to a tree protected by a wooden fence. The animal and man danced around the tree with the animal in full attack mode, prompting the man to plea, "I need some help here!", according to MailOnline. 

Passer-by Lisa Acremom captured the moment on her mobile phone and shared the story.

With nothing to chase after its prey disappeared into the leaves, the deer moved on and police eventually helped the relieved man out of the tree.

According to the report, warning signs are posted throughout the park, instructing visitors to keep their distance from deer, particularly during mating season. 

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