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Replacement Referee's Call Leads To $725,000 Payout On A $5 Bet

By Austin Amuzie - Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gino DiFelice of Brantford, Ontario, turned a cheeky wager of $5 into the life-changing windfall of $725,254 when he correctly picked the outcome of 15 NFL games a week ago, with that 15th win coming courtesy of the highest-profile and most debated decision laid down by any of the stand-in refs.
Worst Call in HistoryIn case you were living under a rock last week, in the final minutes of Monday When the substitute crew controversially ruled that the Seattle Seahawks' Golden Tate had scored a game-winning touchdown to beat the Green Bay Packers, DiFelice secured a payout big enough to fund a few referees' retirement plans.

As he collected his check from the Ontario gaming authority's headquarters, DiFelice didn't care that the majority of the viewing audience – the ones with functioning eyesight – believed the Packers' M.D. Jennings had secured a legitimate interception on the game's final play.

Neither was the lucky winner's delight tempered by the fact that it was his 12-year-old daughter who provided the expert analysis needed to secure the blockbuster check.
"When the play was under review I couldn't believe what was happening," he told reporters. "When the call was made, I went nuts. I ripped open the envelope.
iron, and thankfully precise, fist.

"Every week I do a ticket with my picks and then I ask my kids who they like. I do one ticket each with their picks. The winner was the ticket my daughter consulted me on. The funniest part is, the ticket I made all of the picks myself, I only got four right.

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